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Tools My personal recommendation For pruning Nandina I like to use bypass.

Mar 10, Taller, ordinary nandina grows lanky and bare at the bottom over time. Pruning restores a full and compact look. Using hand pruners (never hedge shears), renew neglected clumps by cutting one-third of the main stalks to the ground every year for three treechopping.pwg: Satellite Beach.

Feb 26, The best time to prune nandina is in winter, when it is dormant. As far as how, the folks at Texas A&M University recommend cutting about a quarter of the stems down to the ground. Then cut a third of the total stem height off one out of every four remaining stems.

Next, prune about one quarter of the stems two-third of the height of the treechopping.pwg: Satellite Beach. Oct 25, Prune nandinas in mid to late winter. While you can generally prune nandinas any time of the year, winter is the best time to prune. Not only is the plant dormant, but you can use the pruned 93%(44).

Aug 14, The shrub grows slowly and keeps its shape. But an annual pruning in early spring allows taller cultivars to produce new shoots and lacy foliage at lower levels of the trunk.

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Keep the rule of thirds in mind. Get out the pruners or loppers in winter or early spring and treechopping.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Nandina is a very slow grower, unlike other shrubs, pruning as soon as she wakes up can make her slow down her growth further. So, yes, you can prune her in early spring, but like I said fall is better. Pruning Nandina - No Acceleration HereMissing: Satellite Beach. Aug 09, Sometimes, taller growing Nandina varieties will become bare at the bottom over time and pruning restores a full and compact look.

When to Prune Any significant pruning for shape or size should be conducted in the late winter or early spring before new growth treechopping.pwg: Satellite Beach.

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