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It grows well in a warm climate.

} Jun 18, Gardenias will set their flower buds for the next year in the fall, so pruning in the summer will allow you to cut back some of the older wood without risking cutting away newly set buds. Most varieties of gardenia only bloom once a year, though breeders have developed a few varieties that can bloom more than once a treechopping.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Jan 04, Trim the branches by 2 to 3 inches just after flowering ends, from May to July. Do not prune any gardenia too late in the season, usually after August but as late as October in some areas. The resulting tender green shoots will not have time to harden and will be killed by a frost or freeze%. Mar 21, Answer: Major pruning for gardenia shrubs is usually after the spring bloom of around May.

The shrubs can be pruned at anytime, but pruning Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Oct 20, Grumpy's sure-fire, no messing around, always guaranteed correct answer: Gardenia blooms on new growth, so you can prune it now, this winter, or early spring without eliminating the blooms. Cut it back as far as you need to. The only time you don't want to prune is when it's setting flower buds or you'll cut off all the Steve Bender. Feb 06, Pruning should only be done after the shrub has stopped flowering, and before October.

Pruning after then will hurt the next season's flower production. The most common problem encountered with growing gardenias is pests. Mealybugs, aphids, scales and whiteflies are all problematic on gardenias. Pruning in fall season can badly ruin blossoms of the new season.

Therefore, the ideal time for pruning the bush is late summer or early fall. Step #2. You can prune gardenia bushes with small hand pruners. Always use sharp pruning shears for this job to ensure an even cut. Uneven cuts can make the plant prone to diseases. Placement. For acid loving plants like these (and azaleas, as well), placement is the key to success. Gardenia bushes cannot take alkalinity in the soil without incurring nutritional problems. They do best when planted away from concrete foundations and walkways where concrete will leach into the soil.

Nov 28, The University of Florida suggests pruning only after the gardenia has completed blooming and not after October, as you’ll be trimming too. Jun 22, Outdoor container grown plants can be overwintered in a sheltered location and insulated with bubble wrap in areas just outside their growing zone, or one zone lower.

For colder areas, however, these should be brought inside (see care below). Despite your best efforts, the tips of the branches may die and turn black from frost or cold damage. When this happens, prune the branches a couple of inches (5 cm.) below the damage with sharp pruning shears.

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