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After Umbilical Cord Falls Off.

} It is common for parents to ask how long the umbilical stump takes to dry up and drop off and what happens after umbilical cord fell off. It may take anywhere between 7 and 21 days for the stump to dry up and fall, and when it happens, there will be a small wound that usually heals in a few days. What to do with umbilical cord stump after it falls off? 5 Things to Do With Baby’s Umbilical Cord Stump After It Falls Put it in baby’s scrapbook or memory book. The simplest thing to do with your baby’s umbilical stump - if you don’t want to throw what to do after cord stump falls off out - is to just, well, save it.

Bury it. Turn it into jewelry. Frame it. What to do after umbilical cord stump falls off. photograph Umbilical cord fell off. Does this look ok?

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- BabyCenter. photograph Healthy Umbilical Cord Falling Off photograph Umbilical cord fell off. Belly button still open?! PICTURE. photograph. What do I do after the cord stump falls off!

Help/Advice? Hi there! I have a 2 week old baby (my first) so I'm new to this parenting thing! LO's cord stump is hanging on by a thread so I think it'll fall off very soon. At her last appointment a few days ago, the doctor said it looks like it's healing great. After your baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, you can transition from sponge baths to actual baths in a sink or a baby bathtub. His first bath in a tub should be gentle and quick; however, you might need to go back to sponge baths if your baby fusses a lot and simply doesn’t like this new activity%.

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