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Reproduction and spread is by both sprouting and seeds, which are disseminated primarily by birds.

May 27, For cut stump treatment: Mix gallons of Remedy Ultra in enough oil to make gallons of spray mixture. Please refer to the product label for complete instructions as further information is available for mesquite treatments on it. Aug 16, To do this, measure and multiply the area length x width. For spot treatments, Remedy Ultra should be mixed at a 1 to % solution in water (1 to 1 1/2 gallons of Remedy Ultra in gallons total spray mixture or to fl oz per gallon).

Step 2: Fill the spray 5/5(6). Remedy Ultra Herbicide is an oil soluble herbicide that controls woody and broadleaf weeds in many outdoor residential and commercial areas, from rangeland to non-irrigation ditch banks. Using triclopyr, this product can be applied through a variety of different methods: foliar sprays, basal bark, cut stump applications, even through aerial broadcast. Remedy Ultra (triclopyr) is primarily for deciduous brush control as foliar, cut-stump or basal bark sprays.

PastureGuard and Surmount are the picolinic acids, fluroxypyr, tank mixed with triclopyr or picloram, respectively, but the species controlled by the addition of fluroxypyr are not typically found in Size: KB. Remedy Ultra gives cattlemen and landowners several treatment methods, designed to suit their individual situation and management goals. Options include foliar, low-volume basal and cut-stump treatments.

Foliar applications treat the plants’ leaves and can be broadcast by ground or by air, or applied to individual plants.

Spray until run-off at the ground line is noticeable.

Apr 13, You would use the same rate for sweetgum, although if you have large trees, we would recommend cutting the trees, making holes in the fresh cut stump, and then immediately applying a glyphosate product such as Killzall undiluted by flooding the stump.

Remedy Ultra Herbicide does not list sweetgum on the product label, but there are other products with the same active ingredient that list. (Remedy Ultra or others) 25% solution in water or basal oil. Triclopyr + fluroxypyr (Pasturegard HL) 25% solution in water or basal oil. Aminocyclopyrachlor Method SL. 5–10% solution in basal oil.

The hack-and-squirt technique is ideal for control of large trees that cannot be managed with basal applications.

Spray the stump surface and thoroughly wet the cambium layer all the way around. Glyphosate (several) 50–%. Apply to cut stumps immediately after cutting. Cut-stump applications prevent resprouting from stumps after mechanical removal After cutting, apply Remedy Ultra and oil solution to sides of stump and around the outer surface of the cut area Is not limited to any stump diameter Year-round treatment Sprayer Size PastureGard HL (%) Surfactant (%) 1 gal 8 tsp 4 tsp 3 gal 4 fl oz 2 fl oz.

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