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When felling a tree, always start by making a directional notch (also known as a face cut) on the side of the tree where you want it to fall.

This allows you to control the direction of the fall – essential to avoiding accidents and injury to you and anyone nearby. Simply put, making the directional notch correctly is vital to safely felling a treechopping.pwg: Quincy FL. large tree may be felled against its natural lean by using the boring technique. Use the open-face notch and bore cut the tree to establish the hinge.

DO NOT CUT OUT THE BACK. Allow enough backwood to keep the tree secure. Remove the saw from the bore cut and insert wedges tightly into it. Release the tree from the back. Complete the technique by wedging the tree over.

This technique is for Missing: Quincy FL. Underground Utility Construction Services Quincy, FL. Florida Directional Boring is an underground construction company specializing in the underground boring of utility pipelines for electric power, solar, wind, telephone, satellite, cable, TV, Internet, wi-fi, fiber optic, security, oil, gas, petroleum, steam, sewer, drain, water and.

Felling Theory 25 Directional felling - the basics 25 Notch 25 Functions of the notch 25 Dimensions of the notch 26 Hinge 27 Back cut 27 Practical felling 28 Techniques for making the back cut Small-diameter trees 31Missing: Quincy FL. Outline Techniques For Felling Trees In A Direction Different From The Tree’s Natural Lean Insure Felling Safety Protect The Tree’s Board Feet Fence Barn Tree 34” D Side Head Desired Felling Direction Heavy Lean Other Trees Felling Direction (Head Lean) Felling Approach Redistribute The Tree’s Weight Using The Tree’s Structural WoodMissing: Quincy FL.

Directional Felling. Safe felling requires great care and precision. The directional notch determines the direction of fall, and you fell the tree with the felling cut. Left between these two cuts is the hinge, which directs the tree down to the ground towards the planned directional target in a safe treechopping.pwg: Quincy FL. Many of them have been working as tree fellers for years, several for as long as 20 years, though on average they have spent years working in logging. As such, these operators know their chainsaws and basic felling techniques.

It was agreed that the training program should cover occupational health and safety and directional treechopping.pwg: Quincy FL. Directional Felling. Special Branch Tree Services. January 31, Careful planning to avoid walls and other trees. Please note that the camera was not manned- safety first! Thanks to Daron Barnes for the video! Related Videos. Directional Tree Felling I was working at the cash register at the farm market one Saturday in high school when a woman walked in.

Allison, my goofy older coworker, notices the woman’s shirt and croons, “Ohh! The Common Ground Country Fair!” And the woman, pleased that someone had noticed her new-not-washed-yet shirt, readily enthuses Missing: Quincy FL.

Proper evaluation of each person and their sawing techniques. Precision felling. Hands-on application of felling trees of various size. Dangerous tree and hazardous situation evaluations. Various pressure cut methods. Tree processing and bucking techniques. Dealing with hung trees. Storm damage trees and proper way to deal with them.

Bore Missing: Quincy FL.

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