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Sometimes, the spot where an old tree stood is too perfect to leave bare.

Test the soil for proper nutrients.

Of course you can. If you lose a tree and want to plant another in pretty much the same spot as the old one (due to space restrictions, design, etc.) find a stump grinding service that offers complete stump and root removal, plus will haul out all the contaminated soil- or a landscape company that will take over after the stump grinders have cashed your check.

Jul 27, Yes, it is definitely possible to plant a new tree in the same spot following stump removal, BUT there are many things to consider first and you’ll want to hire a professional to do the job! Factors that can negatively affect your new tree when planted in the same spot:Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

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Nov 28, To replant another tree in that location, you must remove as much of the sawdust and as many of the roots from the original tree as possible to provide a rich growing environment for a. Sep 21, Planting a new tree where a tree was removed can be done if the old tree, including the roots, is completely eliminated from the old location. This must be done because the microbes and bacteria that help in the decay process taking place in the old tree's root system, use the available nitrogen in the soil.

If. Oct 10, can be beneficial in stabilizing loose soils.

Due to its moderate tolerance for salt, Goldenrod is sometimes used in upland coastal areas to help secure the loose dune sand. As the plant becomes top- heavy with flower heads, a little bit of wind will cause the plant to. Sep 21, Planting a new tree in the same place as an old one requires less work than planting a tree on virgin soil, in some ways.

If the tree was recently removed, the soil is already excavated and only needs to be worked a little before the new tree is planted. However, if the old tree died of disease or unknown causes, the soil must first be sterilized or the new tree may suffer the same fate as the old one.

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