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In South and Central Florida these ferns are evergreen.

Jun 06, Seaburngirl I would think the article Bertie refers to is for the perennial herbacious ferns rather than tree ferns. ordinary garden ferns can be split by cutting a clump up along a natural division. as for a tree fern I'd suspect not. Their growth habit is very different. certainly offshoots can be done this way. 6 Jun, Oct 17, These CAN be cut in half and the top replanted.

Soft tree ferns (like the ones in Bunnings) all come from old growth forest and may be hundreds of years old. They also grow about twice as slow as Rough tree ferns. So remember: For cutting and replanting, Soft tree fern YES, Rough tree fern Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Aug 02, Australian Tree Fern. Also known in its native country as the lacy tree fern because of its delicate fronds, the Australian tree fern is a tropical giant whose trunk can reach a height of 15 or even 30 feet.

By contrast, Dicksonia antarctica or Soft tree fern has smooth leaf bases and a fairly soft trunk.

The long, large leaves form a handsome canopy and give a tropical feel to the landscape. This plant is just begging to be an eye-catching. Aug 28, It cannot be cut in half. You recognise a Cyathea or the rough tree by these prickly hairs that are at the bottom of the fronds.

And they are totally different than the soft tree fern, the Dicksonia, as this one is, because this one has no prickles or hairs down the base of those fronds at all.

Feeling brave?

I have a tree fern more than 5 mtrs tall. Too tall for an old person to maintain when dead fronds need removing and garage roof needs scrubbing from the brown dust (?) that sticks. I asked my son to take the top half to make it easier for me. I know the top part will regrow for him.

Will the bottom 2 &½ mtrs left in the ground grow more fronds? Can't say for sure. Maybe find a landscaper who will trade for a shorter one. A cut Cyathea cooperi is a dead Australian Tree Fern, they don't reroot or resprout. Some of the Dicksonia species can be rerooted from dug up trunks, but even these are a bit tricky for the average gardener.

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